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Teacher Research has begun to enjoy increasing recognition internationally as a form of professional development by teachers and for teachers. It differs from other more traditional forms of education research because it is undertaken by practitioners as part of their daily work rather than as a 'bolt on' extra. Teachers sometimes feel that they have little ownership of what is taught in their lessons. The school curriculum is specified for them and they are transmitters rather than iniators of new knowledge.

Teaching should be regarded as a highly creative activity.

This area of the Teacher Research website is about the practicalities of researching. It outlines the How To? as well as the Who can help Me? and Who Can Fund Me? Do look also at how the many research questions have been structured in the Teachers' Research area of this website. Try to identify the kind of question that motivates you and that will help you to improve your teaching with a particular class in your school. Try to be specific. As your become more experienced you can broaden your scope.

By asking 'How can I teach in a more dynamic and satisfying way?' teachers begin to frame their research question. One of the challenges facing a would be teacher researcher is to identify a focus that will directly inform and improve teaching and learning in class. We are looking at small local enquiries that cumulatively inform the pool of educational knowledge rather than large scale projects more often undertaken by university researchers.



Updated 12th February 2007


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