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In this section you will find teacher research accounts in international contexts


Takashi IKUTA and Takeshi TAKAHASHI
A Study of Japanese Teachers' Practical Knowledge by means of an on-going cognition method

Yasushi Gotoh and Takashi IKUTA
A Study of Children's Media Literacy in Japan

Teachers' professional development in Japan

Tomoyuki NOGAMI and the Kobe project team
In-service Training System using IT networks

Rieko Iwahama
Why I do action research


Robert Sager
Looping for learning (Teaching a lower grade to reinforce learning relationships)

Cassie S.Alber
Peer Assessment in the Classroom

Janelle Thornock
Children's responses to non-traditional gender roles in literature


Cristian Hansen
How can I improve my students' learning through the medium of performing arts in a way that will enable our school community to meet more of our educational needs?

Hong Kong

Victor Forrester
Newly qualified teachers in Hong Kong: professional development or meeting one’s fate?


José Jacinto Castro Silva
Using mentoring as a technique for improving the teaching of mathematics in the Azores



Doreen Johnstone
How can young teachers in Nepal be encouraged to develop and maintain their professional values?


Heidi Hughes
How can I, as a Reception class teacher, collaborate with my teaching assistant to improve the learning of numerals to 20 with my pupils during mental mathematics sessions?



Ayesha Bashiruddin
Learning English and Learning to Teach English: The Case of Two Teachers of English in Pakistan


Branko Bognar
An Enquiry into how students in one Croatian school are using action research to improve their own and others' learning

Branko Bognar
Action Research Mentoring in Croatia (PowerPoint)


Li Peidong
How can I improve my students’ self-confidence in their class work?

Liu Xia
How Can I develop students' self-confidence through respect and encouragement?

A number of studies from the Guyuan Teachers' College, China are also available as research mentoring.


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