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Teacher research supported by school-Local Education Authority partnerships:

As Director of the Department for Children and Education at Wiltshire County Council, I am delighted to be able to add a short note of introduction to the examples of teacher research undertaken in Wiltshire schools. There is no doubt that the essence of school improvement lies in schools and in particular in the teachers who work in them. It is their ideas and inspiration that lead to better learning outcomes for children and young people. It is therefore really encouraging to see how much research has been undertaken in Wiltshire schools, in such a wide range of fields and activities. Not only does this contribute to improved teaching and learning, but it also gives the staff involved opportunities to take responsibility for their own development. We very much appreciate the continuing partnership with the University of Bath that enables much of this work to go on and provides choices for the teachers to gain qualifications as a result of their research.

I am sure that this partnership will continue and bring further benefits to all concerned.

Bob Wolfson
Director, Department for Children and Education

Wiltshire LEA in England has a fine record for actively supporting teacher research within the County
and provides a model of 'good practice'.

The Research and Development team are always on the look out for ways to enhance the action research projects in local schools and beyond. Its team of advisors support action research approaches to improving practices across the education spectrum,

Tom Robson, Senior LEA Advisor in Wiltshire

Pete Mountstephen (former Advisor for Primary Education in Wiltshire)

The many activities that Wiltshire LEA has initiated and sustained include:

The Wiltshire Journal of Education


Research and Development funding for teachers and LEA Advisors

(award winners and their research projects for 2004-5)


The Wiltshire Research and Development Group


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