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Teacher research supported by school-university partnerships:

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Emma Kirby's PowerPoint presentation and investigation into being mentored as a school-based mentor (section 4)

Frodsham Technology College, Cheshire (section 15)

Torfaen LEA, Wales and the University of Bath (section 14)

1) Westwood St Thomas School, Wiltshire

Mark Potts
How can I use my own values and my experience of schools in South Africa to influence my own education and the education of others?

Mark Potts
How can I live out my democratic values in practice more fully by using formative assessment techniques to influence my own learning and the learning of others?

Simon Riding
How can I manage the implementation of the National Literacy Strategy with a sample Year 9 group in preparation for the full implementation of the Strategy in the latter stages of KS3 next academic year?

Simon Riding
A Case Study on the impact of a teacher-research group at Westwood St Thomas School on professional knowledge and development

Simon Riding
How can I manage the development of an Approach to Whole School Literacy through using action research as an aid to this? pdf

Simon Riding
'Living myself through others. How can I account for my claims and understanding of a teacher-research group at Westwood St Thomas School?'

Simon Riding
Sarah's feedback as a research mentor on Living myself through others. How can I account for my claims and understanding of a teacher-research group at Westwood St Thomas School?

Simon Riding
Learning to live through others

Jayne Stillman
How can I help to increase the capacity for creativity through the introduction of an artist in residence into the art department?

Jayne Stillman
How have I improved my learning and provision for the arts using lottery grant funding? pdf

Jayne Stillman
How can I use what is within me and my influence and achievements in the Arts at Westwood St. Thomas School to interface my career progression as a County Inspector for Art? pdf

Jayne Stillman
How can I manage the development of my own creativity and its impact on students and colleagues with particular reference to an artist in residence project?

Jean Bell
How Can I Improve the Quality of My Teaching in Order to Motivate Year 9 Boys?

Jean Bell
How can I actively engage parents through innovative change? pdf

Karen Collins
A research journal of a teacher researcher

Karen Collins
Plan a small scale enquiry linked to the development of a skills-based cross-curricular Citizenship Module for Able, Gifted and Talented students in years 9-11 pdf

Karen Collins
How can I effectively manage students’ learning to take account of self-assessment within MFL?

Margaret Parks
Diary of a Teacher Researcher pdf

Margaret Parks
How do I improve my teaching of Literacy, motivating the underachieving boys in my class? pdf

Margaret Parks
How can I improve the numbers of pupils attending an after-school club for Mathematics, using my enjoyment of the subject as a motivating factor and thereby hope to improve the results of children at the end of KS2? pdf

Stephen Berry
Beyond Induction into the teaching professionwhat are the possible applications of mentoring in an educational context?

Toni Bowden
Plan of small-scale enquiry focussing on the promotion of student ownership of learning and the development of the student voice in the classroom in order to create a positive working environment. pdf

Toni Bowden
How can I assist my students as individuals to learn better as I develop my own practice as an NQT? pdf

Bob Ainsworth
How can I improve my understanding of the role of education for looked after children when subject to the control of Social Services through iniatives introduced by the Government? pdf

Bob Ainsworth
How do I encourage my students in Year 10 Intermediate GNVQ in Business to improve their learning through writing assignments in their GNVQ Business Course? pdf

Bob Ainsworth
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the assessment of achievement in Intermediate GNVQ in Business by both school-based teacher assessmsnt and by external examination pdf

Bob Ainsworth
'What I wish I had learned' A discussion of teaching and learning with EBD Business Studies Students pdf


2) The John Bentley School, Calne, Wiltshire

Catherine Meacher
Best Practice Research Scholarship case study: the role of ICT in enabling learning in the classroom


3) St John's School, Marlborough, Wiltshire

Imogen Brown
Are schools wrong to demand formal literacy skills from pupils whose home backgrounds mean that they inevitably feel they are failing in all areas of the curriculum and who may think that they will not need such formal skills in the future?


4) Hanham High School, South Gloucestershire

Emma Kirby
Being mentored as a school-based mentor

Emma Kirby
The Learning Wall

Emma Kirby
How can I help my tutor group to work better together and improve their learning?

Emma Kirby
How can I undertake educational enquiries in a way that will help my students and me to learn?

Emma Kirby
Addressing Underachievement Among Boys at Hanham High School, South Gloucestershire

Emma Kirby
How my Learning Partners Project with my Year 7 Tutor Group Promoted the Culture of Citizenship Amongst the Pupils.

5) The Clarendon School, Wiltshire

Anthony Kelly
How can I improve my management of communal mentoring for ITT within my School Faculty?


6) Leek High School, Staffordshire

Eddie Wilkes
Improving attendance at Leek High School.


7) Bulford Primary School, Wiltshire

Marilyn Brindley
An action research project to identify successful strategies of assesment for children with turbulent schooling 1999-2000


8) Staple Hill Primary School, South Gloucestershire

Chris Watson
What really matters to me and why?

Suzanna Hutchings
What really matters to me and why?

9) Corsham School. Wiltshire

Nicola Cologne-Brookes
How can an interactive whiteboard help pupils develop a language for mathematical reasoning?

10) The John of Gaunt School. Wiltshire

Felicity Beck
How can I assist students to demonstrate an adequate level of knowledge as required by the exam board regarding industrial techniques and their application?

11) Hayesfield Technology College, Bath

Ian Taylor
Does the Availability of Ceiling Mounted Digital Projectors Improve Teaching and Learning? pdf


12) University of Bath PGCE Initial Teacher Training Programme

Richard Denny
How to be a teacher ....

13) University of Bath Coach Education Programme

Anita Mellowdew
Marathon Poem
How Can I Explain What it feels like to run the London Marathon?

14) Torfaen LEA, local schools and the University of Bath
Addressing the underachievement of boys at KS3

15) Frodsham Technology College, Cheshire

Chris Moore
Is ICT being used to its potential to improve teaching and learning across the curriculum? (pdf)

How should the KS3 ICT National Curriculum be taught so that it delivers capability at KS4? (pdf)

What is the role for Assessment for Learning in a Summative Assessment Culture?'




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