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These websites offer advice, support and, in some cases, funding to support teachers as researchers. The list is intended simply as a starting point and there is an open invitation to teacher researchers visiting this website to send in further useful links.

If you would like to create a link between your school website and this website you are welcome to do so. Correspondingly, if you would like to suggest a link between your school website highlighting research by teachers please contact Sarah Fletcher.

Links to other home pages that support teacher research:

examples of research by teachers in the BPRS section of this website - including Catherine Meacher's

bera.ac.uk the British Educational Research Association - why not participate in the conferences?

aera.net the site for the American Educational Research Association - look for the on-line journal

curee-paccts.com find out more about how research enriches teaching and learning

becta.gov.uk do look at the research section for ideas for using ICT to enrich your research

gtce.org.uk there is an excellent 'Research of the Month' section

ncsl.gov.uk the Talk2learn forum offers opportunities to discuss teacher research

JeanMcniff.com Jean offers an excellent, free downloadable guide to action research

ActionResearch.net look out for the accredited studies of teacher researcher on Jack's site

Action Research Ireland more inspiring examples of teacher research - in Ireland

The Collaborative Action Research Network join in the conferences and mailing list

Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice accredited courses in action research for practitioners supervised by internationally reknowned tutors at the University of Bath

Action Research and related resources at Southern Cross University look out for the on-line courses available to inspire your understanding and practice of action research

Action Research International/Bob Dick, Southern Cross University read and contribute to practitioners' action research accounts in this refereed on-line journal edited by Bob Dick

Academy for Best Learning in Education
this is Peggy Leong's website to represent teachers' learning in Singapore - such a fresh perspective

The Image and Identity Research Collective do visit Sandra Weber and Claudia Mitchell's site and read their Reinventing Ourselves as Teachers for ideas on using photography in your research

Teaching Today for Tomorrow (electronic journal) you can read about how teachers can undertake high quality research and why not submit your own research account for publication?

June Bianchi's website featuring creative engagement in teacher education

Updated October 14 2006

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