Bitterne Park School Southampton

Teacher Research Group


Simon Riding, Assistant Headteacher, is our group's school-based convenor


Click on our names to see our in-process action research/research mentoring projects:

Donna Chipping

Rachele Gregg

Katie Austin

Doug Douglas

Sally Stevens

Alison Larrett

Angus Lafferty

More soon ....


Our School; where we are and who we are ...

Our formal memorandum of understanding
(Agreement between the school and Bath Spa)

The Pilot MA Module we studied in Summer 2005

Learning to review literature critically

Introduction to our Teacher Research Group
(The school-based group convenor's account)

Our first Teacher Research Group meeting
(The research mentor's perspective)

What do we mean by action research and research mentoring?
(Teacher researchers' perspectives)

How can we represent our understanding of research mentoring?
(Teacher researchers' Spidergrams for MA module submission)

Our plans for the future of our teacher research group at Bitterne Park School
- our meetings start again in early October. We will be studying a work based
enquiry module together this term followed bay a mentoring award module.