Bitterne Park Secondary School, Southampton

Wednesday 11th May 2005

This evening was the first session of the in-house M.A. at Bitterne Park School: a unique and innovative collaboration between Bitterne Park School, Bath Spa University and Creative Partnerships. 20 teachers from Bitterne Park gathered for a twilight session to begin the process of action reflection on their work. The group, tutored by Sarah Fletcher, was taken through what action research is, what teacher research is, how develop a good quality research question and finally how to consider putting together a portfolio of evidence to support claims.
The group is studying for their first unit in action research mentoring. The group is collaboratively supporting each other through their research and links between projects were already set up during the first session. Creative Partnerships are also supporting this work through links to their partners outside of education. The next 2 years are already planned out in terms of what’s being offered on this programme as a way of supporting teacher development.
Simon Riding
Assistant Headteacher