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Dr. Tom Robson, Senior Advisor for Wiltshire LEA extracts from a video recorded interview

"My passion for teacher research stems from my passion for learning. It is great to be in an environment where you can share your passion with other people! To work with children, to motivate them, to engage with them and to inspire them and allowing the teachers to see that learning is motivating, engaging and inspiring ... to spend time looking at their own learning and to get to talk with others as a way to enhance what they do in the classroom ... Some teachers see research as 'something that happens to them.' They have felt in the past, perhaps, that it is not something that they could be engaged in. It can be very ivory-towerish ... teachers will perhaps feel that they have got nothing to contribute. One of my passions is making sure that the teachers who teach, are learners. They are incredibly good, effective learners themselves - teacher research is just another name for learning!"



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