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Chris Watson Staple Hill Primary School 6/11/03

What really matters to me and why?

I want all my children to enjoy learning and to see it as meaningful and exciting. I want them to learn how to think and reflect on what they are doing. I’m more interested in teaching them how to learn rather than in concentrating on content. I want them to feel confident to go out on a limb, risk possible initial failure and then learn from it.

What do I want my children to learn?

I want my children to learn how to use problem solving in Maths. This will involve them in developing analytical and logical thinking, cooperative learning, understanding their strengths and weakness in terms of learning styles and in developing resilience when their ideas don’t work.What do I hope to learn?

I want to familiarise myself with the National Curriculum for Maths and the National Numeracy Strategy as I have been out of the classroom for twenty-nine years. It would help for me to know the generic ‘hiccups’ of this Year Group. I want to find out how to teach maths more effectively. I also want to find out more about the way we confront problems and how we react to problems. I don’t want to make assumptions about how any of us learn. I also want to learn more about investigational processes.



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