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Suzanna Hutchings
Staple Hill Primary School

What really matters to me and why?

I started teaching because I wanted to make a difference in children’s lives. Seeing the first spark when a child makes a connection with a concept or idea. Above all, ensuring that my pupils are happy and secure in their learning environment really matters to me and wanting to know that I am doing my best for them I also feel that giving my pupils a sense of identity within the world is really important. It is about helping them to find their voice in life and about what ‘makes them who they are.’ I enjoy opening up opportunities for them to discover more about themselves and the world that they are growing up in through giving them positive and stimulating experiences.

What do I want my students to learn?

I want my students to learn that learning and education can be a really positive, fun and worthwhile experience. I want them to see themselves as part of the learning process and not just a ‘receiving dish’ for all the incoming information they should be receiving. It is the internal, PSHE type curriculum that I feel should be central to our teaching, instead of it being overshadowed by the academic subjects. I want them to want to take some responsibility for their learning.

What do I hope to learn?

I hope to learn how I can give my children a more proactive role in their school lives. Would this develop a greater sense of ownership of the learning process for my pupils? What would be the affect of increasing the opportunities for choice in my classroom?


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