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Methods of Educational Inquiry

(Appendix 1) Heads Survey

1. How long has Drama or Performing Arts been taught at your school?

2. Is it taught as a subject or as an extra curricular activity?

3. How many hours of Drama do you include in your schooling program?

4. Why did the school choose to include Drama at all?

5. Is it easy to find competent staff in the Performing Arts? Explain what you consider to be a competent staff member?

6. What is student response / teacher response / parent response as respect the inclusion of Drama in your syllabus?

7. Has Drama and Performing Arts improved your students learning? Explain

8. Has Drama enabled your school and / or school community to meet more of your educational needs? Explain.

Caridad Teresa Noriega – Headmistress Victoria College

1. Since 1986

2. – 3. It is taught both as a subject and as an extra curricular activity.
In the English Secondary section students in 7th form and in Senior 1 have a forty-minute Drama period a week. Besides, they, as well as all the other secondary students of the Victoria College, can attend Drama as an extra curricular activity once a week, during which they prepare musicals in which many of them excel in singing, dancing and acting.

4. ‘Drama is like the naughty child who climbs the high wall and ignores the “no trespassing” sign. It does not allow us to define our territory so exclusively; it forces us to take as our staring-point life not language’
A. Maley and A.Duff, 1983
The quotation mentioned above may explain the reason why we, at Victoria College, believe second-language students can easily become so taken up with true-to-life conflicts, through the dramatic playing out of their roles, that they often forget the self-consciousness of learning another language.
We are sure drama-based activities can not only heighten the students’ abilities to acquire L2 but also help their personal growth.

5. It is not easy. A competent staff member who can establish a good rapport with his students and boost their self-confidence by making them discover and exploit their potential and histrionic capacities.

6. Students love Drama classes as they arouse in them a feeling of fulfilment. Most parents feel surprised as well as elated when they discover their children’s talents.
Language teachers feel they themselves very often use other highly motivating focus of drama such as role play, mimicry or story telling, to help their students acquire and practise the target language.

7. – 8. As explained above, Drama has a positive effect on learning. By becoming involved in the struggles and conflicts of others, students are very likely to profit from the benefits of reduced anxiety levels, increased self-confidence and esteem, and develop capacity for empathy. Moreover, they may learn the value of group work and cooperation, since the success of a show or play depends on all those involved, not only on the stage manager or drama coach but also on the backstage crew and the actors and actresses as well.

Lucila Márquez – General Coordinator Victoria College

1. Since 1986

2. It is taught both as a subject and as an extra curricular activity.
In our school Music and Movement lessons start in Kindergarten. They develop gradually towards Drama as a subject, as of 6th form. This continues until Senior 1, i.e. 1 period of Drama per week. As of 7th form our students can choose whether they want to take Drama as an extra curricular activity or not. They can do so until Senior 5.

3. One hour per week, until Senior 1.

4. I believe it was originally chosen as an area in which students could learn to express themselves in English (which is not their mother-tongue) more freely, in meaningful situations. Also, we know that many students who “aren’t good” at anything else, excel at Drama, so it helps raise these children’s (or youngster’s) self-esteem.
Drama is a friendly “tool” which helps provide the adequate atmosphere for the learning of a foreign language.

5. No, it isn’t. A competent staff member has to:
* be very fluent in English
* have good command of classroom situations (since students can easily take Drama as a “free-period”)
* have knowledge of teaching methodology
* be creative
* communicate with his/ her students in a respectful, but relaxed and friendly way.
* discover, and help the students discover, where his strengths and weaknesses lie.
* have previous experience in this area in schools!!

6. Very good. Students love it! I believe about % of our secondary students take Drama. Those who don’t, rarely miss the Drama shows. Also many of the parents who come and see the productions don’t have children working in the Drama club.

7. It has, by providing meaningful situations for the spontaneous use of English; by cooperating in presentations of projects from other areas; by providing a relaxed but hard-working atmosphere within the school, with a very definite goal to meet (i.e. Drama show in July)

8. I believe it has; apart from various aspects I have already pointed out, there is another which I consider very important. In Drama they actually learn the value and importance for group work and cooperation. I always say to prospective parents (when talking about this area) that here the children work very hard even though the spotlight won’t be on all of them. They know it, choose their role and “stick to it” cooperating responsibility in an overall aim. Stage crew are the best example of this.

Marcela Golpe De Andrade- Senior School Headmistress, Bluebell School- Pilar.

1. It has been taught since2002.

2. It is taught as a subject.

3. Two 40-minute periods per week.

4. To help students improve their oral skills and expression.

5. Although there are not too many qualified teachers for this subject in the area, we should say we have two top-class professionals, who are not only qualified for the job, but have had good rapport from the students.

6. It has been excellent in every respect.

7. It is definitely a good tool to help them improve their expression, and it has also helped those students who are shy or find it difficult to express their feelings.

8. Although it is too soon to tell, we can foresee great progress in the future, as far as the changes we have noticed.

(Appendix 2)

Students Survey

1. What do you do in Drama class? Explain

2. How do you feel before / after Drama?

3. Has Drama helped you in any way outside school? Explain

4. Can you compare Drama to any other aspect / activity in your life?

5. Are there any aspects that you dislike about Drama? Explain


Victoria College –8th grade-- Pilar

1. Generally we prepare acts with some instructions the Drama professor tell us. We sometimes bring costumes to our classes so we can do our characters more realistic, because with uniform sometimes is like boring to perform some acts. We also, in Primary, prepared an act during half or more time of the year to present at the end of the year to our parents.

2. I like very much Drama classes, Usually before the Drama classes start I’m very happy because I think they are really fun. The same happens then, because I felt happy.

3. Yes, usually when I want something apart of insisting I do a dramatic act so my parents feel pity for me or when I’m angry or sad, to dissimulate.

4. Similar to number 3. Sometimes I say to my mother that I get a bad mark in my test and finally I show her that it is good.

5. No, I like very much Drama. Also we have a very fun teacher so we enjoy them a lot.

Victoria College – 8th grade – Victoria Campot

1. In the Drama class we do a lot of things. We do sketches; sometimes we do like an activity that you have to do the same as somebody else does, like a mirror. We make up situations and we have to act them. We also do an activity that two persons are acting and the teacher says stop, and someone else have to go and act with them inventing a situation. We make up situations and we act them in a stage.

3. Yes, it helped me improving acting, when there is an oral test, when I have to talk.

4. Yes, when we act (not at school), when I want to do a joke.

5. No.

Victoria College – 8th grade – Mercedes Swiecicki

1. Sometimes the teacher gives us the beginning of a situation and we have to act it, and in the moment, invent the end.

2. Before I feel happy because I love having Drama classes. After I don’t feel so happy because the class finished and I want to have it again.

3. Yes, to lie but in a good way. For example: when someone gives me a present and it’s horrible but I have to say, Oh! It’s lovely! For not to make that person feel bad.

4. No because in the class when I cat, I act as the person I have to copy, but in the other activities I act as I am.

5. No, because it is the only subject that I have fun and I don’t get bored.

Victoria College – 8th grade – Juan Pablo Leoni

1. In Drama class I learn the basic things you need to act in TV, theatre and also in life. I enjoy a lot what we do in class, the sketches we do and all the funny, crazy and good things we do.

2. Before Drama I am fine but after Drama I am like new because there I can do what I want on stage is like I …

3. Well in some cases it help me in Truco to play with my foul movements.

4. Really I don’t know

5. No, I think …. It is a great subject that we have to have always. The teacher is great too!!

Victoria College – 8th grade – Sofía Shnyder

1. I like drama because, I think, it has a very relaxed atmosphere, and not many other classes have that. We do sketches and we do choreographies, this helps to learn how to move around a stage.

2. I feel very excited because I like drama, and after relaxed (kind of sad because it should be longer) but relaxed.

3. It’s amazing how drama helps you to act in front of public (giving speeches for example)

4. It feels like home (because I dance all the time)

5. Not, really. But maybe we could have a longer class.

Victoria College – 8th grade – María de la Puerta

1. We do several acts, each one with different situations. Some situations are real and some unreal. Some happen to us every day. We also fake, we do activities and much more.

2. Every day I’m waiting for Tuesday, because we have drama. And each class I ask myself what new act we are going to do and how are we going to prepare them. After drama, I fell very good, sometimes I learn a new thing about the world and acting.

3. Yes sometimes when I’m angry with my mother, because I want something I act a little bit as I learned in drama, it’s very funny

4. No, I think it’s chique.

5. No, I don’t really dislike ant aspect of Drama.

Victoria College – 8th grade – Agostina Perrone

1. We do sketches in which we are given a situation, or a specific sound for starting, or an emotion to express. We also do exercises in which, for example you have to imagine you’re in the beach and try to feel the sun on your skin: We began to film a movie, with a script and everything that was necessary.

2. Before Drama I feel happy because I like having drama, it makes better my day. After having Drama I feel better because it helps me to “desenvolverme” (express myself) which is difficult for me.

3. Yes it helps me in many aspects of my life, as communication with other people, and explaining them how I feel, which is not usually simple for me. It helps me to express myself.


5. That sometimes it is very disorganized, we start things that we never finish, for example.

Victoria College – 8th grade – Verónica Corá Suarez

1. Me and my classmates do sketches and practice different drama activities. We also (sometimes) study for different subjects.

2. Before: I feel excited because it is one of my favourite subjects
After: relaxed. Because we don’t do anything stressing

3. Yes, now I don’t mind talking or asking things to other people, before I was shier than now.

4. Yes, my family throws many parties, now instead of being locked in my room, I talk to everybody.

5. No, because I like everything we do in drama.

Victoria College – 8th grade – Santiago Salir

1. In drama class we do sketches and we do what the teacher wants and he shows us how we can do it.

2. After drama I feel very happy because I pass a lot of fun in the Drama class.

3. No, because I don’t act except when I don’t want to go to school.

4. No, because it’s something different.

5. No, it’s very nice.

Victoria College – 8th grade – Valdivieso

1. We learn how to act and express ourselves

2. I feel the same, before and after

3. Yes, to express myself

4. Yes, for example when you have to give a special class, you have to express correctly.

5. I don’t like acting very much, but I know it helps me.

Victoria College – 8th grade – Marisa Gabriel

1. We prepare mini sketches of a proposed theme in groups of 4 or 5. We also do exercises of seriously to practise.

2. Happy because I love having drama, relaxed.

3. No up to now, but when I grow it will help me.

4. With hockey because I also enjoy having it and I laugh a lot.

5. No.

Victoria College - 9th grade – Sofía Rosmino

1. In drama we do many different exercises I like them a lot because it’s a funny way to learn how to express your self. It’s never boring because we always change the exercises.

2. I relax a lot in drama because it is a strange subject, its different at all. I like it, it helps me to be all the afternoon with energy.

3. Maybe yes, but I don’t realize.

4. No, it’s different at all

5. No, I like everything we do at drama.

Victoria College – 8th grade – Cecilia Baca Castex

1. I try to act, but I’m not good at it, so I feel ridiculous, and I do different activities like sketches. We have fun.

2. I feel the same, but in a better mood

3. No, it didn’t

4. No I can’t

5. When we have to do groups, and we choose who we like, some people are left alone, and feel sometimes bad, but if the groups are chosen, we don’t like the groups.

Victoria College – 8th grade – Alejandro

1. We do performances, some exercises of relaxation, sometimes if we have a test, we have some time to study.

2. Before drama I feel excited and anxious and after drama I feel relaxed.

3. To have more relation with my friends

4. No

5. No, I have a lot of fun.

Bluebell School – 8th grade – Carlos Biondi

1. I have a lot of fun and I love acting

2. Before Drama I feel like I am having a fun class. After drama I feel like going home.

3. Drama don’t help me out of school, but I’m sure it could help me later to express myself without being timid.

4. I can compare drama with acting and or when I have to make an oral class it helps me, so I can compare Drama with expressing myself.

5. I dislike in drama classes make up.

Bluebell School – 8th grade – Ignacio Belderain

1. The year before we do all acting games and this year we are acting a lot and now we are doing make up.

2. After the drama class I feel as usual and before I feel as usual too.

3. No, Drama for me is more funny than other subjects but I take it like another subject. And outside the school I feel as usual I don’t change.

4. No.

5. No, I like acting but not alone because I am timid.

Bluebell School – Candelaria Cossio

1. In Drama classes, last year, we did games and we acted in pairs or in groups, but this year with Mr. Hansen we are acting on different things and we practise make-up.

2. Before Drama I feel as usually and after too.

3. Yes, but outside the school I never act.

4. Yes, I like drama but I like sports and stay with my friends

5. No, but I dislike to write in drama classes.

Bluebell School – Luciana Capozzi

1. The last year we play … and this year we act and we do a lot of things, for example we do make up

2. When drama starts I feel great because I love Drama, and when it finishes I feel perfect.

3. Drama helps me always for example I always act in my house and I didn’t go drama outside school.

4. I can’t compare drama with any other activity in my life.

5. No, I love drama but I didn’t like to act in front all the people.

Bluebell School – 8th grade – Ramiro Rodriguez

1. In Drama class we generally act, sometimes we play games, now we are doing make up and its really fun

2. I feel good and relax because I know that I will have fun and I will not write much, even though I learn every day more things.

3. Yes, it helped me in appreciating more the make up and the scenery in theatre and to act if I have to lie.

4. No.

5. No, all is fun and we don’t have to write so it’s all ok.

Bluebell school – Clari Videla

1. We do a lot of things, we act, we make up a girl called Denu. It was fantastic. The other year we had classes with Uriel, and we play a lot of games. I like to play games, not only act.

2. When Drama starts I am very happy because I learn a lot of things, and when it finished I feel very sad because I have to wait one week to have Drama.

3. Drama helps me in my house. Yes, outside of school it help me to not to be shy.

4. No, I can’t compare Drama. Drama is only because it is the only subject that we can act and make up people.

5. No, I like everything of Drama because I like to act, etc.

Bluebell School – Juan Manuel Sosa Escalada

1. Mr. Hansen teached us how to act and make the public laugh this year, last year Uriel in his classes made us play games and also to act.

2. Before Drama I feel normal, after drama I feel funnier.

3. No, it doesn’t help me in nothing.

4. No

5. No, I like all things that we do, except when we start writing or talking.

Bluebell School – 8th grade – Santiago Varela

1. The last year we always do some games and then we act. We had make last year some games with parents and then we finish acting some little scenes. This year we are working make up and theatre. We act some little thing and writing work.

2. I don’t know because I don’t see me, some other have to say me how I am. I feel ok, like every day.

3. I think is a great subject but I don’t act outside the school, still.

4. No Drama is unic, is acting, is great.

5. I do not like to act in front of other grades. I not feel well. Still now we have not do it.

Bluebell School – 8th grade – Sofía Palacio

1. Last year, all year we worked in a play, we where separated in many groups of six. We had to invent a story and then we show it to our parents. These year we are working with make up.

2. I feel great

3. Yes Drama helped me a lot. Last year I was very shy, in the beginning. At the end of the year I started changing myself. Now I’m not shy any more. In some cases, I can show myself more. It shows that I exist!

4. Yes I can compare all my life with Drama.

5. Yes, to change the habit of doing all the time the same thing of acting in groups or shame, and start with games.

Bluebell School – 8th grade – Agustina Garraham

1. What we do in Drama class depends in the age:
3rd – (8 years old) – prepare songs and sing at the concert
4th – (9 years old) – Sing and act, play games respected to drama
5th – (10 years old) – Dance, sing and act, play games and prepare for the concert
6th – (11 years old) – Dance, sing, play games and prepare for the concert
7th – (12 years old) – Do some exercises, prepare little plays, act and play lots of games.
8th – (13 years old) – Act, sing, dance, make people up and practice make-up, do exercises respected to Drama

2. Before Drama I always feel tired and I want to go home. During Drama I have a lot of fun and relax and I don’t need to go home any more and after Drama I feel much more relaxed.

3. Drama helped me to learn lots of things aboyt costumes, make-up, singing, acting, dancing and not to be shy.

4. Drama has some similar aspects to music lessons but really is very different to all other subjects.

5. No, there are not, I like everything about Drama, I love acting, singing and dancing.

Bluebell school – 8th grade – Marina

1. When we do Drama we act different things (funny things) so we have a good time, we sing, and now we are learning how to make up our face, so when sometimes we have to make up our face, we may do it.

2. Before Drama I feel intrigued, because I don’t know what we are going to do. And after Drama I feel calm, because I have fun every day and the classes are always funny.

3. Yes, because in life is always a moment that you got to act, and now I more or less know how to do it. Yes, because you always need it.

4. No.

5. Yes, when we got to do something in front of someone, or dance in front of anybody, I put nervous.

Bluebell School – 8th grade – Federico Giuffardi

1. Last year we do some warm up activities. We often work in group, doing sketches or plays in we have to act. This year we are given a topic and we have to prepare a sketch on our own, but we often improvise. Now we are studying make-up.

2. Drama has not changed my feeling, I feel fine. But most of us, including me are shy.

3. Drama has not helped me, but people say that it helps to communicate better and not to be so shy.

4. Drama cannot be compared with other activities. It has nothing to do.

5. An aspect that I dislike of Drama is that it isn’t interesting or funny. But if you try to do your best and you make it to be funny it’s some of the best subjects at school.

Bluebell School – 8th grade – Luciano Bedetta

1. The last year, we were with Uriel and we do a lot of games and also we act, and now we are with Mr. Hansen and don’t play games, we act a lot and he teaches now to us about the make-up.

2. In the drama class, before to be acting I feel a little nervous, but when I am acting, I laugh a lot and I feel that it’s fantastic.

3. Drama has helped me to be more social, to act better, and to communicate better with people.

4. I think that drama class could be compared with some school activities and also when I have to interpret me with other people.

5. I think that drama class is very interesting and funny but I think it is also boring and I dislike to do make-up.

Bluebell School – 8th grade – Malena Giusti

1. We do acts on plays, we study how to make-up an actor, we interpret songs, we do games on acting, singing, etc.

2. I enjoy the drama classes, especially when we work on acting. That’s why before drama I am hoping the drama class to start, and after, I went home happy.

3. Yes. It helped me to do a better job on acting, and to communicate better with other people, because we practise how to do it.

4. Yes. May be with things I do on life, because when we act, we act things we do on real life.

5. The only one when we have to start writing like now. But we did them a few times.

Bluebell School – 8th grade – Tomás Leyro Díaz

1. In Drama class I play games (funny games) and we do mini acts. I have fun in Drama. Last class we saw how to make up a person (Denise).

2. Before having Drama I feel sometimes anxious. When I am in Drama acting I feel a bit shy. After Drama I feel well.

3. Yes, acting, doing jokes.

4. Yes, to real life.

5. No there are not aspects that I dislike of Drama

Bluebell School – 8th grade – Agustina Pallavicini

1. In Drama we have fun, and I think that is the most important thing. The first class we had with Mr. Hansen he asked us what we wanted to do in Drama and everything we said, we are doing, little by little. For example we are doing make-up, we prepare acting scenes, and we sing too! We do other things too.

2. We have Drama the last two periods on Fridays and usually before I feel tired, since they are the last two hours of the week, and sometimes I even feel mad or I just don’t want to do anything. But after I had drama I feel absolutely great and very happy, as if all my problems had gone away.

3. I think drama has helped me in many ways, for example not to be shy and just have fun when acting. Out of school it has helped me to be a better person and be better with my parents, brothers, and inside of school to be better not only in Drama but Mr. Hansen and his Drama class has helped me have a better attitude in all my subjects.

4. I can compare Drama with many things, but mostly with feeling good and having fun. I mean when I think its time for Drama my face just lights up!

5. I can’t think of anything, not even one little thing I hate about Drama. I just love it in every way and Mr. Hansen makes it even better.

Bluebell School – 8th grade – Agostina Causarano

1. Last year we have drama with another professor. He made su do acting scenes, we warm up doing body exercises and play games at the end. This year with Mr. Hansen we start acting better. He gave us some techniques, and they really function. I love drama. I love acting and participating in games. I hope this year we continue learning.

2. Before Drama I feel charge because I accumulate a lot of bad things during the day. And after I feel like better because we liberate our humour.

3. Yes it helped me in a lot of ways. When Drama finished I am with good humour. And outside I feel great about myself.

4. I compare Drama with my free time. I fell excellent and I have a lot of fun.

5. Drama is a subject that I love. If it is any aspect that I dislike is not participating. I think is that because I love acting and dancing. Despite of my bad humour I try to participate.

Bluebell School – 8th grade – Ignacio Calabelli

1. In Drama I act and play

2. I feel boring before, because I had language class and after, I feel good (sometimes) because most of the classes are funny.

3. Yes, only speaking English to someone also speaking only English.

4. No

5. Yes, I dislike the writing works.

Bluebell School – 8th grade – Sofía Rizzo

1. When we do drama we prepare a scene, in groups, write a main idea and act it. When we finish our performance, the teacher shows us what we’ve done right or wrong. He teaches us not to be shy, and it really works! Now we are learning how to make up people, for ex: we do fantastic and natural make up and we practise with our companions, and it’s very fun! Sometimes we sing songs and we have a good time, we also do a singing interpretation and that helps us a lot.

2. Before acting I feel really nervous, but when I start, all that tension disappears, and I feel very happy and I have a good time.

3. When I was little, I used to be very shy, but since I do drama, I am inhibited and that helps me a lot in my social life. Now I’m not shy and have no problem in talking with people I don’t know.

4. I think Drama can’t compare with anything, it’s like unique. I ,mean there is not other thing that helps you to be more disinvolved, and not to be shy, like drama does.

5. I love drama, although I am not very good at singing and acting, but I like it anyway. There isn’t any aspect I dislike about it. It’s a very complete subject!

Bluebell School – 8th grade – Agustina Bello

1. In 2nd and 3rd grade, I had drama, in that years each grade prepares a dance for a concert. Last year with Uriel we play games and we act. And this year we act, investigate about drama and we learn to make up.

2. Before drama I feel like anxious, because I like drama and I want to have drama in that moment. After drama I feel good, happy because drama is very funny.

3. Yes, drama helped me to not be shy in a stage in front of people. Outside school it not help me.

4. I can compare drama with having fun because in drama I always have fun.

5. Yes, I don’t like when we pass all class writing or when we have to investigate about something.

(Appendix 3)

Parents Survey

Copy of letter sent to parents of students from the Performing Arts Studio

Estimados padres,

Les envío el siguiente cuestionario en inglés que es parte de una de las unidades de mi MBA en “Educational Management”. Les agradecería si lo pueden completar en inglés o en castellano (preferiblemente en inglés) a la mayor brevedad posible y enviármelo por mail (pasdirector@hotmail.com) o por escrito a través de sus hijos.

Desde ya muchísimas gracias por ayudarme a ser un mejor profesional.

Cristian E. Hansen


Dear Parents,

I am sending the following questionaire in English as part of my work on one of my MBA in Educational Management units. I would be very grateful if you could complete it in English or Spanish (preferably in English) as soon as posible and mail it back to me (pasdirector@hotmail.com) or send it in writing through your children.

Thank you very much for helping me improve as a professional.

Cristian E. Hansen


1- What do you understand to be “Performing Arts”?

2- Does your child practise/ study performing Arts?

3- Have Performing Arts helped your son/ daughter at school?

4- Have Performing Arts helped your son/ daughter at home?

5- Do you consider Performing Arts to be an asset in helping your child to learn in other areas?

6- What does your child find interesting in learning Performing Arts.

7- In your opinion, is there a down-side to learning performing arts?

Susan Kidd

1. Performing Arts includes Music (Singing and Instrument Playing), Dancing and Drama

2. Yes, our 11-yearl-old daughter studies Performing Arts.

3. Yes, especially in social development.

4. It has encouraged new activities like preparing "special shows" for us or taping a radio program with her friends (time that would otherwise be spent watching TV or in front of the computer).

5. Yes, particularly in aspects such as self-assurance, public speaking, creativity and interpersonal relationships.

6. My daughter finds it more enjoyable (in her words "fun") than interesting.

7. No




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