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Action research in Japan: a case study

My aim is not to do research but to develop the education of children. I need to do research to help me improve my teaching. When I explain my oractice I can reflect on my thoughts so I can understand children more. This year, I have my goal – this year I would like to find suitable kinds of play for children because many children can’t play. They can’t just play by themselves. Sometimes they are bullying so my important work as a teacher is to research suitable kinds of play for children. I often think about this. I have a clear focus. Soccer is a good way of playing. I know by watching what children do and watching their expressions and I write notes about many points:

1 my goal for my children
2 how to educate my children
3 what do I feel is best?
4 what can I do for my children tomorrow?

I started action research when I met Tadashi about three years ago – it is recent. But I have been interested in action research since I participated in the action research workshop at Akashi School. I don’t think it is difficult. Many practitioners and university teachers cannot always understand teachers but gradually some university teachers change and see our children and interview us at school.

Reiko March 2003


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