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Best Practice Research Scholarships:

1) Advice to applicants for BPRS

Find out about teachers who accessed funding for their classroom-based research. The Department for Education and Skills (DfES) awarded 1000 scholarships of up to £2,500 per teacher for 2002-3 to enable teachers to undertake research in their schools. These awards were called BPRS or Best Practice Research Scholarships and by pressing the menu for BPRS you can learn about the research of 29 teachers awarded scholarships.

Successful Best Practice Research Scholarships

Exemplification of a successful bid:

Tony Kelly, The Clarendon School, Trowbridge, Wiltshire


2) Wiltshire Research and Development Bids

See a model bid compiled from out-takes from previous successful examples and some details added that reflect discussions at the meetings between Wiltshire LEA and local teacher researchers. Bids can only be submitted by teachers in Wiltshire schools and a maximum of two bids per school (they could be group bids) can be accepted. Please e-mail S.J.Fletcher@bath.ac.uk if you need help in creating your bid.

Successful applicants for Wiltshire's R & D bids


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