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This is the website of Highland Park High School


When Jo Senese wrote to me about his school's website I was immediately intrigued by the challenge that he and his fellow teachers were facing. Teachers are required to undertake research in this State, so I understand. I was interested to hear - and not altogether surprised that we share a difficulty as teacher research 'mentors' in encouraging our colleagues to write their research in a form that can be communicated globally as well as locally - and archived. From the URL above you have access to entire directory of fascinating reports written by teachers at Highland park High School, Illinois. Here is a small selection of the treats in store at this website - and what strikes me is the relevance of the enquiries in so many classrooms beyond this school.

Action Research Laboratory
Table of Contents

The Action Research Laboratory: A Model of Professional Development for Teachers  
Joseph C. Senese

An Overview of How the Action Research Laboratory Works at Highland Park High School
Joseph C. Senese

Action! (link to an article from the Journal of Staff Development)
Joseph C. Senese

Enhancing Class Community: An Action Research Laboratory Project (MS Word Format)
Marianthi Brown

Sophomore Team: An Action Research Laboratory Project
Rick Holst, Scotland Nash, and Stephanie Solis

Results of the Action Research Laboratory at Highland Park High School

De-emphasizing Grades in High School English, Health, and History Classes: An Action Research Laboratory Project
Lauren Fagel, John Gorleski, and Paul Swanson

Effects of De-emphasizing Grades: A Closer Examination of an Action Research Laboratory Project in a Health Classroom
John Gorleski

The Effects of Being a Student in a Constructivist Classroom: An Action Research Laboratory Project
Joseph C. Senese


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