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This is the website of Canterbury Christ Church University College


CANTARNET (Canterbury Action Research Network) was established in 1996 to provide opportunities for those involved in a school-based Diploma / Masters programme in School Development (registered with Canterbury Christ Church University College) to meet and learn together.  This programme now operates within CELSI (Centre for Education Leadership and School Improvement), a department within the Faculty of Education.  Participants follow the reflective action planning model developed by the founder of the network, David Frost, in collaboration with fellow tutors on the programme.  Teachers are supported in initiating and managing change in their own schools, based upon systematic inquiry integrated with their everyday practice.  The focus of the work is derived from teachers' own concerns and responsibilities, negotiated within the context of school development priorities.  The programme is organised and supported through partnerships between the College and individual schools, sometimes involving the Local Education Authority.

The network now attracts members beyond those registered on the Diploma / Masters programme.  If you are interested in joining the network either individually or as a school, please contact Angela Barker by e-mail a.barker@canterbury.ac.uk or telephone 01227 782318.

This is a highly professional website that offers an immense array of riches for the teacher researcher. I first heard about it from a teacher who was working with me under the best Practice Research Scheme organised by the DfES. She was - she told me - always on-line to this website and found the discussion group particularly useful. I like the invitation to teachers beyond the accredited courses structure to participate. If this site didn't exist - someone should invent it as a matter of utmost urgency!

One of the most useful features can be found at http://www.nova.edu/ssss/QR/web.html - The Qualitative Report which is an on-line journal dedicated to qualitative research which offers a comprehensive and extensive A-Z of qualitative websites - a surfer's paradise!

My one criticism of the site is the inconvenience of having no navigation bar or menu - and an enforced reliance on using the back button to navigate.
Even so - this is a wonderful website that offers facilities that I have not come across elsewhere - thoroughly recommended!



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