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Website Review :

This is the website of Southern Cross University


This is a stunningly useful website and lives up to its claims: This is the introduction to a series of occasional pieces on action research methodology.  The pieces appear at semi-regular intervals of the action research methodology mailing list, "armnet-l".  The intention there is that the occasional pieces may provide a trigger for deeper discussions about methodology.  They are collected here as they appear on armnet, for ease of access.
There is an index to the pages,and I particularly recommend for teacher researchers - but try the later sections too:

 1   "Good" research
 2   What is action research?
 8   Cycles within cycles
 9   Cyclic critical reflection
10  Emergent methodologies
11  Participation (1)
12  Participation (2)
13  Rigour (1)

Bob Dick has brought together a wide and generous resource - look out for the action research on-line courses offered at Southern Cross and use the sections on qualitative and quantitative research to contextualise and inform your ideas as a practitioners. Each one of the sections is highly informative.


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