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This is a website for Networks: An On-line Journal for Teacher Research

Well worth browsing as you can have access not only to current issues but to archived past issues.

Here is the write up for this exciting website that invites you to submit your own classroom and school-based research:

"Welcome to NETWORKS: AN ON-LINE JOURNAL FOR TEACHER RESEARCH. This is the first on-line journal dedicated to teacher research. With the help of readers and writers like you, this journal aims to provide a forum for teachers' voices, a place where teachers working in classrooms, from pre-school to university, can share their experiences and learn from each other. Join us as we embark on this exciting new venture! Share your classroom research with colleagues from around the world."

In each issue, you will find feature-length articles, as well as short reports of work-in-progress, book reviews, and discussions on current issues in teacher research. We welcome submissions on a wide variety of topics related to classroom research including: curriculum, methodology, ethics, collaboration, and community.



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