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Highights from 2007 include...

16 November 2007

International Mentoring and Coaching Research Seminar, Bath

Including a workshop on using technology to enhance practice
The Carnegie Foundation's KEEP Toolkit technology offers easy access to resources for mentoring in initial teacher training

CLICK The Carnegie Foundation's KEEP Toolkit technology offers easy access to resources for Representing Teachers' Knowledge

1-30 September 2007

1) What research mentoring support do teachers currently receive?
2) What research mentoring support do teachers find most useful?
3) What research mentoring support would teachers like to receive?
4) How does multimedia with mentoring support teachers' research?

Archives of our E-seminar on Research Mentoring are accessible

29 September 2007

CLICK Research Mentoring and Coaching Conference and Study Day
BERA Mentoring & Coaching/Practitioner Researcher SIGs with CARN

5 - 8 September 2007

BERA Annual Conference, The Institute of Education, London.

Workshop 1 Thursday 6 September 9.00 - 10.30 am
'Using multi media in Educational Research Mentoring'

How might we use the KML technology in educational research?

* What do we mean by educational research mentoring?
* Why use multi media in research in education contexts?
* How do we evaluate the quality of multi media in research?
* How far are RAE 2008 criteria appropriate for multi media use? What other criteria for evaluating multi media are useful? (Discussion)

Workshop 2 Saturday 8 September 9.30 - 10.30 am
'Enabling Practitioner Research through Research Mentoring'

How are practitioner researchers using multi media in research?

* Why might practitioners use multi media in their research?
* How do research mentors incorporate multi media in mentoring?

* How can research mentoring be 'generative' in enabling research?
* What are some of the advantages and drawbacks in using multi media in research mentoring with practitioner researchers?

23 March 2007

3rd Annual Coaching & Mentoring Research Conference
Sarah's opening keynote address on Research Mentoring